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A Hoopstarz Franchise : It’s a Revolution!

Becoming a franchisee is a great way to start your own business. You have a proven concept and the support of a HQ team along with a network of other franchisees.

There are loads of types of franchises offering similar activities to schools, families and kids and we’re pretty sure that you’ve looked at the rugby, football and dance opportunities (all of the normal ways for you to run a kids activity business).

Here at Hoopstarz we have a revolution-ary idea!

  • Imagine running your own hula-hooping franchise.
  • Not a P.E. or multi-skills franchisee where hula-hooping is only part of the offer.
  • But one where hula-hooping is the star activity.

Hoopstarz is the UK’s ONLY hula-hooping exclusive franchise.

  • It is a high energy, inclusive, exciting, alternative self-esteem boosting programme of amazingness.
  • Kids are twirling and swirling, spinning and giggling and not even realising how much exercise they are getting.
  • And EVERYONE can take part – we can get kids with disabilities hooping in their own unique ways and disengaged kids are often the ones who get the most from a Hoopstarz Day.

Hoopstarz is based in the North East of England; working primarily in Tyne & Wear and Northumberland. Since establishing the business Tracey has built a 6 figure business; employed 4 staff and has schools which book year after year. We are regularly receiving calls from schools across the UK who want a Hoopstarz Experience; so we have a UK waiting list and need franchisees to get Hula-Hooping across the country!

You don’t need to build your business as big as Tracey’s, although we believe the demand will be there, but you can certainly build a business which meets your income expectations and allows you to work flexibly and with way less stress than being employed.

If you’re a person who likes the idea of spinning hula-hoops for a living, and teaching kids the pure enjoyment of the sport, then get in touch for a chat. If you’re a teacher looking to get out of teaching who wants to bring the joy of activity to kids then WE WANT YOU!


So you want to spend your day wearing snazzy leggings, listening to cool music and teaching kids to hula-hoop. Brilliant! We’re thrilled you’re interested.

You also need to really feel our Mission Statement; if it sings to you as much as it does to us then you are quite probably a great match for Hoopstarz!

The Hoopstarz Mission: “To provide an all-round, active and inclusive learning experience to increase self-esteem, independent play and fitness.” 

What you need to do now is request our prospectus which gives you more information. Every day for a few days we’ll send you a lovely email with extra info and you’ll have the chance to book a call with our Chief Hula-Hooper and founder of Hoopstarz , Tracey Davison. If you continue to be excited and want to take the next step you can come along to a Discovery Day with other potential franchisees and/or attend one of our Festivals and be part of the team for the day.

We don’t push you or hassle you; joining Hoopstarz is a decision full of happiness and enthusiasm. You don’t need us to pressure you because if it’s for you then you’ll just know!!

So if you’re interested grab your prospectus safe in the knowledge that you can find out more about Hoopstarz without been hassled (the only thing we ask is that if you come to a Discovery Day then you have to wear your best snazzy leggings 😉)

With love, Tracey & the Hoopstarz family x

P.S. If you’ve found us and are super excited and want to speak to us then by all means pick up the phone – we would love to chat to you! Our number is 0191 4387632. If we’re in school and can’t answer leave us a message and Tracey will call you back asap.

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"The Hoopstarz franchise is a revolution-ary opportunity for you to create your own successful business while helping to improve the health and well-being of the next generation!!" Tracey Davison, MD, Hoopstarz

Interested? Get in Touch & Come and Spin With us!

Who are we looking for to join us at Hoopstarz?

We are looking for hard working individuals with drive, the determination to succeed and who enjoy dealing with people. Attitude is the most important thing, the other things we can train and support you to achieve! We want to work with people who believe in excellent service and want to deliver this to customers and who genuinely love working with kids and getting them active. The characteristics we are looking for are as follows:

  • Keen to run your own business
  • Would love to work with children
  • Able to work hard for yourself
  • Able to drive
  • Honest and reliable

If having read through the website and are interested in joining the Hoopstarz franchise family then we would love to chat to you! The next steps are to answer any questions you may have regarding the franchise and then arrange for you to meet with Tracey Davidson, our Managing Director and creator of Hoopstarz. To get our prospectus complete the form. Plus you can call us on 0191 438 7632 or email at enquiries@hoopstarz.co.uk.

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