Lesson Plan Seven

Warm Up

Put music on let them hoop shout out what you want them to do this may be walk forward then walk backwards, pivot turn etc all in time with the music so it looks like a routine this will start giving them confidence for when you begin choreographing routines for them to show to parents.


Ask the children if they know the moves go through the moves without the hoop then put the music on and follow the song while hooping.

Trick Practice

Time to practice all the tricks learned over the last few weeks encourage them to try something different.

Remind them of all of the tricks you have shown them so they don’t stick with the same things


Try to come up with some tricks of their own than give them the opportunity to teach their peers in a quick freestyle circle.

Thread The Needle

As in week 4.

Roll It Catch It

As in Week 2 (use this to tidy hoops away)

Cool Down

A few words from happy Hoopstarz...

WOW!!!!! That word sums up our day and your staff! An absolutely fantastic day ran by such proffessionals! We have fantastic coaches visit our school all the time but your staff stood out as the best. I honestly can’t sing their praises enough! Fantastic attitude and professional visiting coaches in our school. They were engaging and fun – the children responded to them so well. The whole organisation of this day and leading up to it has worked so well. We have all enjoyed it and this is only the beginning of Shanklea Hula Hooping stars! I haven’t mastered it yet but I’m sure I will. Thank-you so much again.

Jade Martin - Shanklea Primary School

The Hoopstarz session really got the children enthused and motivated to try hula hooping as a fun physical activity. The event went so well that we now have a Hula Hooping after school club which the children love!

David Mordue - Fellside Community Primary School

The Hoopstarz programme has started a revolution in our Partnership schools!  The Hoopstarz Experience day package inspired pupils and staff alike, and the set of hoops means that the hula-hooping has continued in PE lessons, extra-curricular clubs, and playgrounds across the town.  Younger pupils are learning from the older ones to develop their skills and, most importantly, get active!  I honestly can’t recommend it enough, and can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Gill Marsden - Cramlington School Sport Partnership Coordinator
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