Benefits of Franchising Pt.2

Tools for Success

The great thing about a Hoopstarz franchise is that you will already have many of the tools you need to develop an extremely rewarding business,  such as a car, a phone and a laptop (large water bottle, travel coffee mug and bungy cords to tie your hoops together are our 3 other essentials.)

There is no need for expensive premises – you’ll either be working in a large school hall (we love looking at the fantastic displays that many schools love to share on the vast walls) or even better you’ll be working outdoors, often with amazing views, so make sure you add sunscreen to your list of tools!! 

We will provide you with access to everything else, such as hula hoops, certificates to give out to children, relevant paperwork, sales and marketing tools and uniform. We will, of course also provide training and ongoing support to give you the most valuable tool of all – CONFIDENCE!!!