Benefits of Franchising Pt.5

Comparative Assessment

Comparative assessment is something we do at Hoopstarz, often without even realising it. We can accurately gauge the children’s abilities, within the first couple of minutes of a session and then tailor the lesson to suit. When we first started delivering Hoopstarz, we would often get together to discuss what had went well and how we could have improved anything. Having colleagues who are delivering exactly the same programme as you who are happy to share ideas is invaluable and a huge help in improving delivery. Tips on managing behaviour, fitting more into a session or warm up ideas are just some of the areas we swap ideas on, on a regular basis. With a Hoopstarz franchise, you’ll have half termly meetings to discuss how your sessions have gone and if anything can be done to develop your sessions. You’ll also have telephone access to friendly colleagues who’ll be happy to answer any queries any time.