Benefits of franchising

Established Concept

I started by thinking about what an established concept is.  A concept is an idea of something formed by combining all of its characteristics or particulars (according to which I think describes the Hoopstarz journey perfectly. 

We have delivered our Hoopstarz programme now for almost 10 years – that’s a mind blowing number of hoop twirls!!  Over those years, we have taken the characteristics of the humble hula hoop and combined colours, shapes, numbers and patterns to create an incredible programme with an amazing amount of fun activities that not only help children’s fitness but enhance their learning in other areas. 

Well over 50% of our business comes from repeat annual bookings or continuous extra-curricular clubs. We estimate that we have delivered sessions in over 70% of schools within a 5 mile radius and around 50% within a 10 mile radius. We believe that our unique programme sets us apart from other school sports providers and is the reason that we have established good relationships with so many schools and sport partnerships in our region.