Meet Faye B!

What is your name and tell us a little bit about yourself?


Hi, I’m Faye B, a hoop lover from Durham.

I’ve been delivering Hoopstarz sessions for 8 years (I’m sure it was 2011, getting old now I forget 🤣)

I run fitness classes in different disciplines for adults then in my spare time I also love/hate to run 😂


How did you first get involved with Hoopstarz?

I completed my children fitness qualification in 2011 and while there I met a contact who passed my details to Tracey.

She approached me to discuss Hoopstarz and had me hooked on the concept.  The fact I’d get to relive my childhood playing with a hula hoop was an added bonus.


What is your favourite thing about working for Hoopstarz?

I adore how children have no fear and no worries about if the hoop drops, they’re just in the moment and enjoying every moment with the hula hoop

There’s nothing makes my heart melt more than, when you’ve got a child who goes from not feeling confident at all the first time they pick up the hoop, to creating their own tricks/moves with a smile beaming from their face.

I love how each child has their own hoop so they’re not under pressure to keep up with any other child.  They all get to shine to the best of their abilities with smiles and laughter along the way.


What is your favourite memory of working for Hoopstarz?

Having a teacher stand and watch in awe, as the children who usually don’t engage well in PE lessons, disappear into their own world having fun with their hula hoop and saying how much they’ve enjoyed it.

I’ve also been called magical by a child who was impressed with a trick I demonstrated.


Why would you recommend starting up a franchise with Hoopstarz?

If you enjoy fitness and interacting with children.  If you relish in assisting in making a child have fun and be successful, then Hoopstarz is for you. If you’d like your job to never feel like work this is for you, you’ll love it so much it never feels like work.