Meet Sharon!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting a couple of questions answered by our fabulous team so you can get to know a bit about them and bit about the wonders of working for Hoopstarz.

First up is…. SHARON!                                      

What is your name and tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi I am Sharon (to all my Hoopstarz children and my friends) or Miss Bonner to my regular pe children. Or Mam to my 2 teenage boys 18/14

I am 47 years young…. mental age of 20 body age of 60 (knees giving up).

Happy, bubbly, crazy lady who loves having fun.

Used to be cabin crew for 10 years, loved every minute of that career and also used to be PT in a gym in Gateshead with my own franchise The Little Black Dress.


How did you first get involved with Hoopstarz?

I first met Tracey when my youngest son was in nursery 12 years ago – how time flies.

I went to a Kidz R Fit session in Blaydon and was then hooked every week to attend the sessions. The content and energy Tracey has inspired me to think about my involvement with children’s fitness.  After few years of thinking about it and not acting on it I eventually decided the time was right for me to join the gang and become an Employee of Kidz R Fit. Best decision ever.


What is your favourite thing about working for Hoopstarz?

Every day is a different, different school, different children, different staff.  Working inside in the warm dry hall on wet days, outside on the yard or field on the warm sunny days. No day is ever the same. Overall though watching the children have fun exercising and actually teaching them how to hoop. They will grow up telling their families they were taught to hula hoop at school by these fab hoop ladies that visited school in a giraffe van.


Also when the children watch the demonstrations at the beginning and then gasp and clap at our tricks and say are you a Professional Hula Hooper are you in a circus.  (They say the canniest things).


What is your favourite memory of working for Hoopstarz?

Hmmmm too many fantastic memories.

Probably one of the top has to be our very first festival, all of the gang working together with 80 + children in one hall all hooping.  The buzz was fantastic.

Now today that’s the normal but the increase in pupils attending and hall size has grown 120+

When a child actually said “Miss, this is the best PE lesson ever can you come every day to see us?

Also when we got the van *ladies on tour*


Why would you recommend starting up a franchise with Hoopstarz?

If you have a passion for fitness, enjoy working with children and love having fun then this is the perfect way to tick all those boxes.  When I go into schools the teachers say, ‘do you do this every day?’ Yes, I know, I have the best job in the world. #JobEnvy