Giving teachers the ideas and confidence to deliver fun, effective PE lessons

We are now offering Hoopstarz as a ready to teach, easy to use, simple to follow package for teachers

Hoopstarz is one of the most exciting, unique and engaging activities available for children and you can’t fail to be impressed by the enjoyment it creates and the sense of achievement the children gain from participating. The classes build confidence and self-esteem, promote the importance of staying fit and healthy and ultimately engage more children in physical activity

You will use up to date music in the sessions which adds to the atmosphere and makes it almost like a party. You will introduce the children to a world of PE that they will all enjoy. They will learn tricks and games, there are hoop wars to be won and skills to be mastered making it a high energy, fun packed session.

What are the Benefits?

  • More pupils taking part in physical activity, even the most difficult to engage pupils will participate, improving health and fitness in your setting.
  • A programme that is fully inclusive, that will not only improve health and fitness but also self-esteem and confidence. You will be amazed at which children will excel and which of them will stand up in front of their peers and show off their skills.
  • A simple to use member site via our website www.hoopstarz.co.uk This includes easy to follow lesson plans, videos, ideas on how to get the most out of the package including how to raise funds for your school. Ongoing tips, games and tricks.
  • Will cover areas such as dance activities, gymnastics activities, games activities, team work, balance, coordination, agility
  • CPD for all staff which fulfills part of the criteria for the ring fenced funding available from September

What is included?

  • 30 childrens Hoops and 2 adult hoops. The hoops are not your everyday hula hoop they are slightly weighted, more durable, unbreakable you will never need to replace. (see website)
  • Access to member site with lesson plans, videos plus additional extras.

 What do other schools think?

Hoopstarz is able to engage and motivate children from reception all the way up to year 6 adding changes according to ability and age. Hoopstarz uses up to date music and simple dance routines to warm up the children then they launch into the hoop tricks which the children absolutely love!

Hula Hooping is a fabulous way to keep fit but the children have no idea that is what is happening because they are concentrating on mastering the moves and having fun. But the best benefit of hooping is the ASTRONOMIC effect it has on each child’s self-esteem. There is nothing better than seeing young children, even those with special needs, being able to hoop for the first time ever! If only you could bottle that feeling and the sense of achievement on their faces!!

Now we have a class set of hoops in school they are used every day. We have hoop monitors who set out and collect the hoops every playtime and the children practice and perfect their moves as well as creating their own.

Not only that, we use the hoops in other lessons too. Imagine creating a giant branching key in science, using hoops and skipping ropes or pretending your hoop is a witches cauldron to create spells in literacy or for sorting numbers in a giant venn diagram in numeracy, the possibilities are endless. The hoops are one of the best resources we have bought and has encouraged us to think outside the box especially for our kinesthetic learners who love hands on practical activities.

Nicola James

Senior Leader

St Andrews Primary Bishop Auckland

For further information please e mail info@kidzrfit.co.uk

A few words from happy Hoopstarz...

This is better than football!

Kai - Age 9

An absolutely fantastic experience for staff and children alike.  Some children were very unsure about taking part at first until they walked into the hall and started!  The enthusiasm was infectious.    ALL children joined in, some excelled.  The activities were brilliantly explained and demonstrated.  The effect on the children was far reaching.  Some have self esteem issues and these were totally overcome in the half hour session.  One teacher had tears in her eyes as she watched some children progress through the session.  Highly recommend it!!


Prince Bishops - Bishop Auckland

Thank you! We loved having Hoopstarz in school and we think it went really well! We will be looking at future events for sure.

Janine Lowes - Shincliffe CE Primary School
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