Building the confidence to teach hula hooping

Teaching children sport was something I never would have dreamed of doing in my 20s or 30s! I was always “middle of the road” in PE and had only recently discovered the joys of keeping fit when I met up with Tracey, 7 years ago. I also couldn’t hula hoop at all! 

I had completed a teaching assistant course but was struggling to find work as I had limited childcare and two small children. Tracey asked me to give Hoopstarz a go and the flexible hours were perfect for me. Both Tracey’s and my other colleagues’ enthusiasm and belief in what they were doing was infectious and after only a few sessions shadowing, with a bit of home practice, I had mastered the basics. This was enough to enable me to deliver my own after school club sessions. 

The great thing was I didn’t need to be fantastic at it as I had an endless supply of willing demonstrators amongst the children that I taught. Roll on 7 years and a lot of the tricks I can now do were practiced during after school sessions and mastered at the same time as the children, which gave us all a fantastic sense of achievement. 

I believe that learning alongside the children is the best confidence builder ever for all involved. We have the pleasure of seeing this happen not just with ourselves in clubs but with the children and their class teachers on Hoopstarz days.  We just love sharing the Hoopstarz buzz!!