Hoopstarz in Schools

Thousands of primary school children have taken part in a Hoopstarz Day or Hoopstarz Festival; and so many of them have told us it has been the best day they have ever had at school!

Hula Hooping is the star activity and without a doubt it’s the most engaging, heart rate raising and exciting school visit/trip you can offer your children.

Our unique and proven concepts offer alternative opportunities for disengaged pupils and those who prefer non-traditional sports. We guarantee that the kids will have so much fun they don’t even know they’re exercising! Watch our videos to see the looks of glee of the faces of the children (and the staff too!).

The children WILL master the art of Hula Hooping, even if they believe they can’t. The boost to self confidence is immeasurable and lasts long beyond our visit.

A Hoopstarz event is set to the most up to date and motivating music. There are tricks to be mastered, games to be played, Hoop Huts to be built and Hoop Offs to be won!

We believe Hoopstarz is a revolution-ary (pun intened!) way to bring activity into our schools.



Schools have the option of;

  • An in-school Hoopstarz Day where we work with every child throughout the day. We give your staff new, easy to implement and sustainable PE ideas. Many of our schools rebook us year-after- year and tell us we are the favourite visitors to school!
  • A Hoopstarz Festival where you come along with a number of other local schools, usually with specific year group, and have an amazing day
  • We work with primary and secondary schools. (We predominantly work in primary schools with all children between 4-11. However, we would like to work more in secondary schools and proactively and warmly welcome enquiries to work with 11-18s.)


The benefits of your pupils exercising with Hoopstarz;

  • A fantastic cardio workout (addressing the rise in obesity)
  • A great child led activity for your playground helping towards your Active 30
  • Hoopstarz is not a dance event and is not a traditional fitness event; every child can take part, regardless of age or ability
  • Builds confidence and self esteem
  • The most difficult pupils to engage in PE can’t fail to enjoy it; we have seen this first hand time and time again
  • Children can easily carry on with the activities at home and often teach siblings and care givers; extending the reach of Hoopstarz into your local communities


How to fund your Hoopstarz event

We understand that school’s funding has many demands on it which need to be balanced against the benefits of children working with expert, external providers and teachers building new learning and skills into their teaching.

Many of our schools fund their Hoopstarz event via Sports Premium and via working with their local School Sport’s Partnerships. We will chat to you about how to work with us and discuss all of the costs involved.

So many of our schools invite us back year-after-year which we hope demonstrates that affordability is not a barrier to your children experiencing working with Hoopstarz.


How to book

Contact our friendly team on 07762104587 or click here.. Please do leave us a message; we are usually to be found hula-hooping in a sports hall with 100+ kids and not able to get to the phone! But we will call you back as soon as we can.

Please note that we get booked up well in advance and are busy throughout the whole school year and particularly during the summer term.

A few words from happy Hoopstarz...

“Cramlington School Sport Partnership have worked closely with Kidz R Fit for the past 4 years. Tracey and her team are enthusiastic, energetic and inspiring, but equally important they are always professional and reliable. Children across Cramlington have developed amazing hula hoop skills through in-school Hoopstarz Days and Hoopstarz Festivals for Y3 children. Children from Nursery to Y6 are fully engaged in the Hoopstarz sessions, with a perfect mix of hula hooping skills and tricks, and fun and imaginative games, and this format is enhanced further at the 2hr long festivals. This enthusiasm for hooping has led to an increase in physical activity in the playground, PE lessons and new extra-curricular clubs.”


Gill Smith - Cramlington School Sports Partnership

We had Hoopstarz in on Friday and WOW – What an amazing day! The workshops were outstanding and perfectly catered for the different ages and abilities of the children from Nursery to Year 6.

We were stunned to see the children learn and master the skills so quickly and the staff loved being able to join in and have fun with them. The biggest indicator of what a huge success this day was, were the children – laughing, smiling and desperate to buy their own hoop to take home and practice with over the weekend. Genuine impact in action!

I wholeheartedly recommend.

Louise Wiegand - Head - Springwell Village Primary School

Can we do this every day in school, cause this is awesome!

Tom - Age 7

This has been the best day ever!!

Katie - Age 6

This is better than football!

Kai - Age 9

I love hula hooping because it’s tiring but fun!

Hannah, Year 3 - Fellside Community Primary School

Our Hoopstarz day across the whole school was brilliant! Children haven’t had so much fun for ages. Loud music, dance skills, posture, all the while rotating a hoop – who could ask for more? It was like 1001 creative ways to use a hoop! I now see certain children in a new light, especially the children from our neighbouring Special School who surprised even themselves. If you can’t spin a hoop at the end of this day I’ll be astonished. Thank you so much to the team for bringing a mega PE experience into our school. Here’s to the next one.

Neil Richmond - Stobhillgate Primary

I’d never bothered with hula hooping before but I tried it when KidzRfit came into school and I really enjoyed it. I like it because it’s a bit different to the usual sports like football and rugby. I go to hula hooping club every week now and really enjoy it.

Joe, Year 4 - Fellside Community Primary School

The Hoopstarz session really got the children enthused and motivated to try hula hooping as a fun physical activity. The event went so well that we now have a Hula Hooping after school club which the children love!

David Mordue - Fellside Community Primary School

WOW!!!!! That word sums up our day and your staff! An absolutely fantastic day ran by such professionals! We have fantastic coaches visit our school all the time but your staff stood out as the best. I honestly can’t sing their praises enough! Fantastic attitude and professional visiting coaches in our school. They were engaging and fun – the children responded to them so well. The whole organisation of this day and leading up to it has worked so well. We have all enjoyed it and this is only the beginning of Shanklea Hula Hooping stars! I haven’t mastered it yet but I’m sure I will. Thank-you so much again.”

Jade Martin - Shanklea Primary School
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