Faye D on the Tees Valley School Sport and PE Conference

Following our recent attendance at the Tees Valley School Sport and PE Conference, I have been inspired to write a few pieces based on some of the points that were raised that really resonated with us and what we incorporate into our Hoopstarz programme.

Our programme is not only a fantastic way for the children to explore what their body can do through the games that we play but is also a chance for them to build on their learning in numeracy, literacy, social skills and problem solving. We love to see the children really enjoying themselves, counting, discussing and building while standing, crawling, running and jumping!

A teacher at a school we were in recently commented on how well behaved her class were being during our session as a lot of them really struggled in a sit-down classroom environment. She said that she would love to see more opportunities for the children to learn in this way.

The above was inspired by the following quote from the conference – “let children learn, not by making them work harder but by making them play harder.”

Faye D x