Meet Tracey MD!

Last but certainly not least, it’s our Managing Director and founder of Hoopstarz, Tracey!

What is your name and tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am Tracey Davison Managing Director of Kidz R Fit and creator of Hoopstarz! Happily married to my very supportive husband, Phil, and Mam to my two amazing children, Alexander and Hannah.

After having worked with unfit and overweight adults I realised that most were unfit and overweight because they hadn’t enjoyed PE or exercise as a child. I decided to do my fitness qualifications to teach children and launched Kidz r Fit in 2007. I started out with only two hours of work but I was determined to make a success of this, I really wanted to make a difference. We delivered PE, after school clubs, we worked in nurseries and did a lot of work with the Children’s Centres. Back then there was no Hoopstarz!!!


How did you first get involved with Hoopstarz?

I was given the opportunity to go on a hula hooping workshop which was to target children and those who didn’t participate much in PE. I loved this workshop and my mind started working overtime with ideas on how this could be turned into an exciting programme that schools could use to increase activity and also to engage the disengaged pupils and those who may excel more with something non-traditional. From there Hoopstarz was created and continues to evolve with new ideas being added. Hoopstarz is like my third child, I am really proud of what I have created and how much enjoyment it has brought to thousands of children. I never get tired of teaching it or talking about it. I still get a buzz every time we get a comment from a child or feedback from a teacher. It really is an amazing programme!

What is your favourite thing about working for Hoopstarz?

There are so many!

Hoopstarz has helped my business grow and I am so proud that we are known widely now, because of Hoopstarz, as a reputable, highly recommended company.

I love the reaction of the children when they are able to hoop and do tricks, the squeals of “Tracey look at me I can do it!” never gets old.

When a teacher comes over to congratulate you after a child has been focused and engaged throughout their session and would never normally participate, brings tears to your eyes, we are just doing our job

The amazing people who have been part of the Hoopstarz Journey, my fabulous team both past and present. Without them Hoopstarz wouldn’t be so successful, their passion, belief in and enthusiasm for the programme is what has brought us to the point that we are able to franchise.

What is your favourite memory of working for Hoopstarz?

Hmmm so many…………Probably our very first Hoopstarz Festival, the absolute buzz from this was unbelievable, seeing 100 children hooping together, smiling, being active while having fun and all because of something I created, AMAZING!


Why would you recommend starting up a franchise with Hoopstarz?

I may be biased but it is an amazing opportunity to run your own successful business with a fantastic support network. An amazing programme that is tried and tested, you are getting the chance to help improve the health and well being of the next generation. It is a very simple business if you work hard it will offer huge rewards both personally and financially. If you want a job that doesn’t feel like a job this is the business for you.