*UNSCHEDULED POST ALERT* but we couldn’t help ourselves! After receiving this beautifully written article from St Andrew’s Primary School, we just HAD to share it!

On Friday 1stof March, Tracey from Hoopstarz came to visit St Andrew’s Primary.  She had come to work with every class, showing them new tricks with hoola hoops.  The event took place in the main hall, as the weather was not great day. All of the children and even some teachers took part.

Tracey is a brilliant hoola-hooper.  She is better than all of us but always helped us learn.  She showed us some tricks using different parts of her body to spin the hoop.  An encouraging teacher, Tracey never made anyone feel bad for not getting it right. She is motivational.

Hoopstarz visit our school regularly.  Learning to hoola helps us to keep fit and is fantastic exercise.  It can help our arms have lots of strength and also develops our balance and concentration.

While Tracey was here, every class came to the hall for a hoola hooping session.  Each class learned different tricks, as well as getting better at the tricks they already knew.  The tricks included: using hips, necks, arms, hands, hopping, jumping, running on the spot, kneeling and then combining some of these.  Everyone was extremely happy with what they learned that day – even the teachers!  As there were lots of different ways to use the hoola hoop, everyone was able to do something.  Even if there was something we could not do, there were plenty of other tricks that we could try.

At the end of the day, we had an assembly where children from each class demonstrated what they had learned.  It was fun to see even the youngest children showing off their skills.  The last group to show off was the teachers.  Mrs James even took off her high heels to show us.

We have lots of hoops in our playground and we will practise all our tricks in the yard. Using these, we will improve our technique as well as our fitness.  We don’t have to wait until Tracey visits again, we can learn new skills any day. We might even challenge the teachers to a hoop off in the summer term!


Tracey from Hoopstarz is the hoopiest girl we have ever met in our whole entire lives.  We would love for Tracey to come back and teach us some new tricks.  Please!